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D-Link Announces HD Media Streaming to TV

D-Link announced the Xtreme N Media Bridge, capable of wirelessly streaming high-definition content from a PC to an HD-capable TV, today at the WinHEC conference in LA. The company plans to release the Xtreme N Media Bridge, model number DAP1555, in Q3 this year for under $200. The setup uses a pair of devices that each looks much like a regular wireless router, with two antennas.

One device connects to your home router with an Ethernet cable, and the other to a TV-attached, Ethernet-capable device such as a game console. Microsoft demonstrated using the Media Bridge to play a movie in today's conference keynote using an Xbox 360, but D-Link says it will work with other devices. The devices use 802.11n, and offer Microsoft's new Rally feature for easy network discovery and setup in Vista.

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