Daily Gaming: November 24, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 drove itself into stores late last night and many PlayStation 3 users will be playing that title over thanksgiving. Today, we have a host of new DLC for you to get to grips with. Naughty Bear, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Enslaved all have new content either out today or in the near future.

General News

New Steam Sale Announced

Valve has announced their new "Give and Get" sale which has started today and will end on Tuesday. Each day there will be a number of games on discount. Thirty lucky winners will receive their top fives games on their wishlist. The offers available today range from Gearbox's Borderlands, to the recently released EA title, Shank.

New Naughty Bear DLC Released

505 Games let us know that new vampire based DLC has been released for Naughty Bear. The new Chapter 10 content has the bears going up against a bunch of mystical creatures. The update also comes with four new multiplayer modes, costumes and challenges.

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood DLC to come free next month

Ubisoft has announced that the first piece of DLC for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will be released for free on December 14, for both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE! The update entitled "Animus Project Update 1.0" will bring a new game mode called "Advanced Alliance" and a new multiplayer map.

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Enslaved Pigsy DLC released

The first piece of DLC for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has been released. The new content has players taking the role of Pigsy, a non-playable side character from the original game. There is also support for playing the game in 3D if your TV supports it. You can download it now for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE.

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Xbox 360 News

Your Shape Fitness Evolved DLC on the way

The first piece of DLC content for Your Shape: Fitness Evolved will be released in December. The content will come with something called "The Toned Body Program," which is designed to "strengthen all your muscles and get a firmer body". It also comes with a new cardio boxing level. Ubisoft have stated that a second piece of DLC will be released shortly after with the following features:

“New Year New You”, a specific program to get back in shape after Xmas and New Year’s celebrations

“Dance Workout: Bollywood”, a high impact dance workout using popular Bollywood dance moves.

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Windows News

ArcaniA - Gothic 4 Patch Released

A new patch has been released for ArcaniA - Gothic 4 on the PC. The update fixes a host of issues with the game and improves performance. The update can be installed by the auto-updated or via a direct download. Here is the full patchlog:

FIXED: Interruption of interactions with sword strikes

FIXED: Acknowledgements playback after loading a save game

FIXED: Jump interrupted by FMV character freeze

FIXED: Cool down in the inventory screen

FIXED: Reduced ocean clipping problem for Stereoscopic 3D

FIXED: Arrows stick on already disintegrated Demon

FIXED: Stamina consumption while sprinting with equipped spells added

FIXED: SLI issues & optimizations

FIXED: Crash on vista machines when starting the game on the second adapter while the first adapter was disabled

FIXED: Stereoscopic 3D can be deactivated from the NVIDIA control panel before launching game

FIXED: Pickable item restoration

FIXED: Multiple CPU profiles in process manager

FIXED: Clouds use dynamic vertex buffer for frequent locking

FIXED: Performance problem with terrain tile generation

FIXED: Performance bug in trails

FIXED: Rare crash when arrows stuck in players vanished

FIXED: Additional unnecessary loading screen when using a teleport stone-need

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