DDR 2 800 MHz in shops by Christmas

JUST WHEN DDR 667 is still a very rare memory bird, aggressive memory company OCZ is preparing a speed bump with DDR 2 800 memory. We learned that OCZ is already evaluating this memory and if all goes well, might even have retail products by the end of November. It will almost certainly have these modules in retail before Yuletide, and that is the target at this time.

Its market will obviously be overclockers that want to push their 775 CPUs to the overclocking limits. This memory will be able to cope with incredible FSB speeds way beyond 800MHz. This memory can double FSB speed to even 1600 MHz - at least theoretically. Everyone knows that when you overclock the front side bus you are unleashing the beast and boosting the performance of your CPU.

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News source: The Inq

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