Dell Pledges to Restore x64 Drivers

Following on from yesterdays post "Dell No Longer Supports Vista x64...and Other Rants", Neowin is happy to report that Dell have responded to our reader Morpheus Phreak blaming the whole issue on a "web site glitch". Lets not forget however that Morpheus had already pointed out to Dell support about their contract obligations to both Microsoft and the Customer to which the Supervisor responded "Our legal team are working on that".

The Windows Logo Program states "OEMs using x64 implementations must have signed drivers available to end users if shipping a 32-bit version of Windows Vista on the system." This applies to [Dell] systems using a Windows Vista logo on the case. They must of come to the conclusion to add back the missing drivers!

In a Dell Support representative email response he pledged to restore the missing updates by saying "Dell does provide both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista drivers for the XPS 410. Checking our website it appears that the option for XP and Vista 64 are missing, I can get those added back." he goes on to say "Luckily most of the drivers posted for Vista 32-bit also cover Vista 64. Some of the drivers like the network driver and most of the applications are limited to 32. For those exceptions, the drivers are available on the Resource DVD and you can locate the drivers using the search feature (a difficult procedure at the moment, I'm afraid)." without explaining exactly why it's difficult, he finishes up the email with "Andy and I will work on getting the 64-bit OS selection added back."

It appears after many emails back and forth Dell are finally doing what they are good at, Customer service. God forbid they forget exactly who it is that put them on a pedestal and who can just as easily knock 'em off!

Morpheus had this to say ->

Quote -
Woohoo, Dell has caved.

Chalk up a win for the little guy who wasn't afraid to stand up to the multi-billion dollar corporation.

We like to think that Neowin had a helping hand, thanks everyone for your feedback on the topic yesterday and the subsequent exposure it received on other websites.
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