Dell's PDAs hit Europe

Thanks to the register for pointing out that Dell have now started shipping their very own Axim PDAs in Europe. Originally launched in the US the models both come with Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 and Intel® X-ScaleTM Processors, clocked at 400mhz for the performance model and 300mhz for the standard.

After being launched in the US in November critics wondered whether Dell had stepped into PDAs a little too late considering the dominate share of the market HP has with its IPAQs. Whether the Axims will knock HPs IPAQs off the top spot remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, these are very well priced.

Now all that European customers are waiting for is a similar offer to the US $50 rebate which at the moment doesn't appeared to have been offered.

Check out the Axim's and their full system specs at the dell site linked below.

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