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Demo video shows off Lenovo's concept of a foldable phone

Foldable phones have been the elusive white whale of the tech world for a few years now, but the last year has seen numerous advances in foldable display technology that suggest we may finally be able to buy one soon. Samsung already has plans for such a device, and ZTE sub-brand Nubia has already shown-off a foldable smartphone/wristwatch hybrid earlier this year, which it plans to make commercially available by the end of 2018.

Another company looking to break into this market is Lenovo, which last year showed off its Cplus concept device with a 4.35 inch flexible AMOLED display that you could fold around your wrist and use as a wearable. A recently leaked video shows off what Lenovo has been cooking in its labs since.

The prototype can be seen to sport a flexible display, though the screen is only bendable at a given point - a hinge of sorts - and you won't be able to fold it however you like. That does limit the use cases of such a device as you only have two set form factors you can use it in (fully open or half bent) but it is impressive nonetheless. There's also a rather large chin at the bottom of the phone, which has a long, rectangular aspect ratio.

It's not the most appealing of phones in 2018, when bezel-less displays and large screens are the norm, but perhaps Lenovo could spruce up its game when it finally moves to commercial production.

Source: Bang_Gogo (Twitter) vis GSMArena

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