DirecTV PS3 NFL service fails in debut

People who can't have a satellite TV set up installed at their residence, or simply didn't want to bother, were happy to hear back in August that they would still be able to watch all of the NFL football games from DirectTV's Sunday Ticket via Sony's Playstation 3 console. Even if you didn't have a DirecTV subscription you could still sign up to watch all of the season's Sunday NFL games via the PS3 for $339.95.

At least, that was the theory. On Sunday, the first real test of the PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket service, things didn't go according to the game plan as service was disrupted for several hours, making the NFL Sunday Ticket service inaccessible. As states, football fans voiced their displeasure with this development over at the official DirecTV forums. For a while it looked like DirecTV wasn't responding to the complaints but eventually the company finally issued a statement saying, "We are working to improve this for the remainder of the season."

While PS3 owners who are also DirecTV subscribers will be getting a $25 credit for compensation for Sunday's problems, PS3 owners who signed up for the separate $339.95 subscription plan are being told by DirecTV reps they won't be receiving any refunds, because for some reason there is no way to give out partial credits for one day of down time. Naturally this also has PS3 subscribers of NFL Sunday Ticket upset they are being left out. DirecTV has offered no concrete explanation as to why service was disrupted in the first place.

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