DisplayPort to Support Fiber Optic Cables

The industry's video display standards group, VESA, recently approved DisplayPort 1.1 as an industry standard. Now, a company called Luxtera has received the go-ahead from VESA to develop DisplayPort technologies using CMOS photonics. Luxtera is hoping that its development into the DisplayPort standard will help replace copper cables with optical ones as the medium for transferring high-bandwidth digital video signals. According to the press release: "High performance optical video interconnect based on Luxtera's CMOS Photonics technology is now possible with the addition of Hybrid Devices to the standard resulting in an improved visual user experience."

According to Luxtera, no other currently announced or available video standard offers the advantages of DisplayPort. "Optical technology, particularly single mode technology, can most effectively address the longer reach market needs for digital signage, projectors, imaging, quiet office and digital home and support much higher performance picture quality for the end user at both short and longer distances," said Eileen Robarge, group leader for the Luxtera DisplayPort task force. With the backing of Luxtera's technology and VESA's approval, DisplayPort seems to be on its way as the next major computer display standard.

News source: DailyTech

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