Does "Muslim Massacre" show need for Internet regulation?

Do you want a totally censorship-free Internet or one with guidelines and regulations in place? A new Web-only game called Muslim Massacre could help you make your mind up.

As a gamer, I defend the rights of adults to play what the hell they like. Even if it's a video game that sees the player shooting people for no apparent reason or even hacking them to death, I will defend the fact that it's merely a videogame and not real life. However, games released on consoles such as the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii are subject to regulations ensuring they aren't offensive or harmful in any way.

Playable games on the Internet are another matter altogether, with absolutely no limits against what can be put on the Web for anyone and everyone to sample. This issue has been brought back in to the limelight by the release of a Web-only game called Muslim Massacre which, as the title suggests, sees the aim of the game being to wipe out the Muslim population.

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