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Downloadable Text Suggestions coming with Windows Phone 8

Lately there have been nothing if not many videos showing off the new Lumia 920. And getting so much footage of the great new phones also sheds some light on the new operating system that's coming with them: Windows Phone 8.

In one of the latest videos, where a guy uses a fork to navigate around the phone, we can clearly see a brand new feature of the OS: downloadable text suggestions. In case you missed it you can find the whole video here.

Text suggestions are those words that form when you start typing, and that you can insert into your message. All modern smartphones have this feature and it can be really useful and save you some time.  However most phones offer this ability only when typing in English.

The fact that Microsoft will offer these downloadable packages is pretty great for everyone. For one thing, you will only have to download the one you need instead of having the OS bundled with lots of these packs that eat up your memory. And more importantly, it will permit many more users to enjoy the feature even if they aren't writing in English.

So is this something to get really excited about? I'm guessing it depends on how much typing you do on your phone, how much you actually use this feature, and whether or not your language will be supported. Even though it isn't anything major it will definitely be useful to many people.

Source: WPCentral

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