DreamScene RTM dated July 19, Microsoft: what took so long?

After Dreamscene was finally released, the anger built up over the months was somewhat subdued amongst Windows Vista Ultimate users. And yet, everyone was quite curious on what took so long, as there didn't seem to be much of a difference between the beta preview released on February 28 (build 16455) and the final (build 16504) released yesterday. Well, unfortunately, what was discovered only raises mor questions. Dreamscene's core component, Dreamscene.dll, had some interesting information other than just build numbers embedded within. According to the PE header and build string of the library, the final Dreamscene build was compiled on July 19, 2007. Not only does that mean that there were a mere 49 builds in a grand total of 141 days, but one must ask, what exactly was Microsoft doing, other than testing of course, in the 68 days between build and release?

News source: anti|tgtsoft

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