Earn Google Play store credit with the Opinion Rewards app

The Google Play store offering has grown to encompass music, magazines, books and videos, and earlier this year, it crossed a significant milestone with the launch of its millionth app – and one of the latest additions to the store’s software ranks is one that will help Android users to enjoy even more from it.

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app from the company’s Consumer Surveys division, which pays participants with credit that can be used in the Google Play store, in exchange for answering a few short questions every now and then. The number of questions that you’ll be asked, and the amount that you will be paid, will vary from survey to survey; for example, the folks over at Pocket-lint, received $1 of store credit for their answers to six questions. The questions themselves shouldn’t be too taxing either; Google cites examples such as “Which logo is best?” and “When do you plan on traveling next?”

You can download the app from Google Play right now, but it is currently available only to those in the United States. If you want to find out more about the app before downloading, check out the video below.

Google is opening up its mobile survey platform to researchers in the coming weeks. The company says that it already provides research products to major consumer brands such as P&G (formerly Procter & Gamble), Lowe’s and Priceline. Those interested in learning more about the business side of Google’s research services can visit the Consumer Surveys website. 

Download Opinion Rewards app from the Google Play store
Source: Google Consumer Surveys on Google+ via Pocket-lint

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