Europe threatens to invade ICANN

The Internet is teetering on the brink of war. European forces amassed under the executive chairman of UK registry Nominet, Dr Willie Black, are poised ready to strike at the very heart of the Net and liberate its inhabitants following years of non-cooperation by the ICANN regime.

In a letter sent to the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at the US Department of Commerce, Nancy Victory, Dr Black has launched a scathing attack on ICANN and suggested European top-level registries take over the technical task of running the Internet if ICANN cannot be relied upon to do a proper job.

Dr Black admits to "some concerns" over the department's attempts to hand ICANN effective control of the Internet for a further three-years following negligible discussion. Referring to the "IANA function" - namely, the technical task of arranging and maintaining worldwide Internet registries - he says: "I do not believe ICANN is the only body capable of carrying out the IANA function." He continues: "Particularly in view of ICANN's track record of not clearly separating its policy consensus-making role from its operational role, I believe that some consideration should have been given to consulting more widely with the affected community... before entering into a three-year sole contract."

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News source: The Reg

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