Every Windows Phone now receiving Mango update

It's a feat no less than impressive. Microsoft announced today that the Dell Venue Pro is now receiving the Windows Phone 7 Mango update via Zune. What they didn't announce, is that the release on that device marks all devices being officially updated to Windows Phone Mango.

The only other Mobile OS developer that's been able to do a similar feat of strength is Apple, however they're only pushing the software to devices they've made, making the success of the Windows Phone rollout even more impressive.

Despite the victory, it wasn't without problems. Mango began rolling out back in September but some of the devices had issues, with the 1.3 revision of the Samsung Focus being pulled from the updates until just last week, and those with Dell Venue Pro devices having to wait until today.

So where to from here? Microsoft has confirmed they are working on the successor to Mango for emerging markets to be released next year, but we're yet to actually see real evidence of it. Can Microsoft catch up to the iPhone? Maybe. Stay tuned.

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