Ex-Microsoft employee sentenced to 7 months for software piracy

If you have been chatting on IRC warez channels with someone called Warlock and you haven't seen him for the last 4 months, you might have been chatting with a former Microsoft employee who has been caught for distributing illegal software of the company.

Warlock, named Justin Robbins in his normal life will be spending 7 months in jail for distributing the software of his former employee. Besides that he has changed his mind and now calls what he did theft.

Robbins, who already has been jailed for 3 1/2 months, will serve the rest of his sentence in a residential drug and psychological treatment facility. He's the last of 15 people sentenced for conspiring to infringe thousands of computer program copyrights. "I want to apologize for the crime itself," said Robbins, 26, who had pleaded guilty. "It took me a long time to acknowledge what I did."

News source: CD Freaks - Ex-Microsoft employee sentenced to 7 months for software piracy

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