Facebook launches Graph Search for everyone

If you’re one of the people that’s pretty sick of Facebook and wishes for some new functionality we have some good news for you: Graph Search is coming today.

The New York Times reported that Facebook’s search features will get a major upgrade with the full launch of Graph Search. Originally shown off in January of this year it’s hard to think that this minor upgrade wasn't yet available to everyone.

Graph Search replaces the classic search bar at the top with a bigger and more powerful one. You can now search for your friends, or favourite check-in locations but you also have smarter searches. Graph Search allows you to narrow your searches in a much more intuitive way. For example you can search for “friends of mine that like Firefly” or even “friends of Emily that are female and single”.

You can also search through photos, which makes finding things a lot easier. “Photos of my parents in France” now brings up all the photos geo-tagged in France.

Graph search can definitely make you stalking habits a lot more enjoyable and simple, but for all of that this is still somewhat of a minor update.

Source: New York Times | Image via Facebook

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