Far Cry 1.3 Patch Released

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After a long wait since the recall of the 1.2 patch, Ubisoft has finally released the latest version for the beautiful action adventure FPS, which supposedly bring an undocumented HDR and 3DC graphics feature for the latest nvidia and ati cards, respectively, amongst various other updates.

However, a list of known issues for this version is maintained by ubisoft, and one major issues to be noted by all current users for the 1.2 Patch: * Save games created with the recalled patch (1.2) are not compatible with patch 1.3. So make sure you revert back to 1.1 before updating incase you are midway through the game.

Patch 1.3 Change log:

    * Fixed a crash with the ForkLift when loading some levels.

    * Fixed a bug that prevented levels from loading after saving in a previous level.

    * Returned surround 5.1 sound option to the menu.

    * Fixed a mounted weapon traverse problem.

    * Fixed problems related to shaders1.pak and scripts1.pak not being removed on installation of the patch.

    * Fixed a delay relating to tagging enemies in binocular mode.

Download: FarCry 1.3 Patch @ 3D Gamers

View: FarCry 1.3 Patch Release Notes

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