Finally, Xbox Live can be cancelled online

It's time to rejoice in the streets! Xbox Live can finally be canceled online, without having to call the company's support line to convince them you don't want the service anymore. 

The feature has been available on and off for some time now, but now users can disable auto renewal through after the refresh. Despite this, Microsoft still uses the opportunity to beg their users to stay, letting them know what they're missing out on and even offering them a voucher for 50% off a 3 month subscription.

A post on Reddit detailed the process, all you need to do is sign into, click "My Account" on the top right, then press "change" next to Auto Renewal on the next page. After that, you'll have to resist Microsoft's very convincing begging by hitting continue a few times, then you'll be free of the shackles of Xbox Live.


Have you canceled your Xbox Live account now that it's so easy? Sound off in the comments!

Image source: KBRobot (Reddit)

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