First Android store, Androidland, opens in Australia

Would you like to go to Androidland? it sounds like a joke, but this week Google opened up a new retail store in Melbourne, Australia with that exact name. The official Google Australia blog site has posted the news of the new store front devoted to selling smartphones and tablets that run Google's Android operating system.

Google worked with Android device makers such as Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola to help develop the store front which showcased many of the hardware products that run under Android. The store also has other features including ways to play apps on a big touch screen, and even a place where people can see themselves be turned into the Android mascot versions of themselves.

There's no word if Google plans to expand Androidland into other locations. Earlier this year Google launched a "store within a store" in a few UK retail locations to help sell its Chromebook devices.

Despite the move by many shoppers to spend their hard earned money via web sites, the fact that brick-and-mortar stores from Apple, Microsoft, Sony and other companies are not only still around but are popular means that people still like to go into a store, check out physical products and browse before making a purchase. Google is obviously hoping to gets some of that Apple store magic in this new retail store front.

Image via Google

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