Ford SYNC to add mobile hotspot in your car

Ford and Microsoft teamed up to show off the Ford SYNC in 2007 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Ford will be introducing a mobile WiFi hotspot to their vehicles starting next year, but requires consumers to use a USB mobile broadband (3G) network adapter.

Ford SYNC provides consumers with hands-free voice controlled music players, hands-free calling and steering wheel music controls. Ford will be adding in a USB adapter for mobile broadband sticks, so consumers can use their portable devices while driving down the highway.

The Ford SYNC hotspot will be limited to network range of their service provider, and be limited to devices compatible with WiFi. Users won't need to worry about the WiFi equipped car beside you from stealing your signal, the Ford SYNC will give the driver a randomly generated password (WPA2) for security.

Ford mentioned that their SYNC service will be available in an open-source platform soon, to encourage developers to bring new types of downloadable applications to consumer's cars.

Ford won't be releasing this until sometime next year and can expect new updates and more information at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, where Neowin will be reporting live, from January 4 – 10.

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