From The Forums: My concept for the Windows 8 desktop

We have some very talented people on this site, and as Neowin member myownfriend shows, a good eye for design as well.

Microsoft should take note, because myownfriend has posted up a series of Windows 8 desktop concepts that, in his own words, "only uses concepts that's Microsoft has established." and they are beautiful, see for yourself:

Windows Explorer - Click to enlarge.

Control Panel - Click to enlarge.

These are just two of the images that are posted in the forum thread, the concepts have received a mixture of negative and positive feedback already; mainly down to Microsoft choosing to implement so much white, as well as the removal of gradients and drop shadows in the theme.

Time will tell if the finished theme included in the RTM version will be loved or hated. Will we see a sudden restart of user submitted themes for Windows 8, much like the XP era here on Neowin? Who knows, but if this particular member has anything to do with it, it could be great!

View the forum topic for more concepts. Also keep an eye out in that thread for a HTML & CSS version which is being worked on. If you use IE9 or 10 check out this unfinished web concept.

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