Galaxy Nexus confirmed for Canadian launch on Dec 8th

Do you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in North America? Good, because for now the only country on that continent that has the phone is Canada. Engadget reports that two Canadian wireless carriers, Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada, are now taking pre-orders for the Android 4.0 powered smartphone right now. The actual launch date for the Galaxy Nexus in Canada is December 8.

One interesting point about the Canadian Galaxy Nexus pre-orders is the pricing. The folks up north will be able to buy the smartphone for as little as $159.95. The catch? You are stuck with a three year contract at that price.

Meanwhile the citizens of the US are still awaiting some official word on when the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale in their neck of the world. Verizon is expected to be the exclusive wireless carrier for the phone. It's possible that the Galaxy Nexus could go on sale on the same date as the Canadian launch but, naturally, nothing is 100 percent certain yet. Hopefully Verizon, Samsung or Google will give us some kind of indication fairly soon.

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