Gamestop and Electronics Boutique merger nearly complete

According to the mega-merger between Gamestop and Electronics Boutique is about to be completed on October 31st.

After getting an investor offering of $950M USD, Gamestop went ahead with the merger plans. On September 27th, Gamestop sold an estimated $300M USD in Senior Floating Rate Notes and an additional $650M USD in Senior Notes. This comprises the $950M USD investor offering. This was a limited time offer, with promises should the merger fail, all notes would be redeemed by the end of October.

The merger between these two retailers, will create the 2nd largest retailer of software titles in North America. Second only to Wal-Mart itself. It will control roughly 25 to 30% of the market, along with a sizeable amount of stores based in Europe where the new company plans to begin an aggressive expansion.

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