Get out the bandages, Apple's stock is bleeding value

There was a lot of speculation around Apple’s stock over the past year about how high it could go. Analysts love to make wild predictions that they are not accountable for, with some saying that the share price would top $1000 or go as high as $1500 a share, but alas, it looks like those pipe-dreams may be over.

Over the past three months, Apple’s stock has been on collision course with the X axis as the price has plummeted from a high of over $700 to the current lows of $490; and the bleeding does not appear to be letting up as the stock is down another 2%, as of this posting.

The theories as to why the stock is sinking faster than the Costa Concordia range from Apple having lost its way after the death of Jobs, to iPhone 5 sales missing the mark. Another guess that has made its way around the Internet is that the iPad mini is undercutting iPad sales which is resulting in lower profits, per device, for Apple.

It’s quite interesting to see the stock fall this sharply as there must be unrest in the market regarding Apple’s future. With no significant changes to the company’s strategy in several years, it could be that Apple’s edge has finally been matched by its competitors. Whatever the reason, investors are dumping Apple stock at a significant pace which indicates that there is certainly an external factor at play.

We don’t have to wait much longer to see how Apple performed during Q4 of 2012; the company's earnings call is on January 23rd and at this point, we will find out off the massive sell-off was founded or unfounded.

Source: Yahoo

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