Gmail cleans up contacts

The Gmail team has decided to change the way that they auto-ad contacts to your Gmail Contact list. When Google first released GMail after you sent an email out if the email address wasn't listed in your contacts it would automatically add a contact entry for you. This received a lot of complaints so the Gmail team decided you would have to email that same address 5 times before the contact was automatically created.

With the start of the Android phenomenon just around the corner the Gmail Contacts team has decided this process needed a little bit of polishing. Gmail will no longer automatically add contacts to your "My Contacts" group but rather add them to a new group called "Suggested Contacts". Gmail will also move all of their previous auto-ad contacts to this new group unless the contact has been modified by the user. When you are sending out an email Gmail will still auto complete the address from both your "My Contact" group as well as the new "Suggested Contacts" group. Separating these two groups should make the Android mobile experience much more tolerable.

What other processes do you think Google will decide need some "polish" with the upcoming release of Android?

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