Google could introduce Super Soaker emoji in Android P

It looks like Google is finally changing up its pistol emoji. The new graphic was spotted on the Noto Color Emoji repository on GitHub. The change could indicate that the emoji will be seen in an upcoming version of Android P.

Google isn't the first to make such a change, as Apple did so a couple years ago. Twitter and Samsung have also changed the firearm to something more cartoony. In Google's case, it looks like it will go with a water pistol that looks similar to a Super Soaker, which often can be identified with its unique pressurized reservoir. Prior to the most recent change, Google did update the emoji, but it always resembled something more threatening.

It will be interesting to see how this change will be accepted by Android users when Google's Android P, currently available as a Developer Preview, becomes officially available. The firm has not released the codename for the OS, which has left many guessing what it could be. Luckily, we might hear more details about the OS at this year's developer conference, which is set to take place next month.

Source: Emojipedia via Android Police

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