Google Fiber coming to NYC, announcement coming at 10:30AM EST?

It looks like Google Fiber may be headed to New York City after a new job posting for a Google Fiber sales staff was spotted for their NYC office. It's quite clear in the job posting that the position is for the NYC Google office but that does not make it certain this area will be getting the service.

But, if you take the above job posting and also consider that NYC's Mayor's Office has stated that they will be making an announcement at 10:30AM today with Google, it adds credibility to the thought that the company will be pushing Google Fiber into NYC in the near future. 

While do not know for sure that this is their planned announcement, if you piece the two clues together, it looks like it is all but certain that Google is now ready to expand its Google Fiber service after testing it out in Kansas City

We only have a few more hours to wait but if true, Google is looking to disrupt and potentially undercut the NYC market with low cost, high-speed Internet.

Bloomberg has also chimed in to say that "to offer free wireless Internet access in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood" too.

Source: Google Jobs | Via Twitter: WithinRafael, Michael van Poppel

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