Google Glass coming to consumers in 2014

In a new interview, Google co-founder Sergey Brin revealed that the company's wearable computer will be available to consumers sometime in 2014.

Brin made the statements in an interview with Bloomberg Television following the company's I/O developer conference. The wait is due to the fact that Google wants to incorporate feedback from developers before making the product available to the general public, Brin said. "These 'explorer editions' I'd like to get out early next year," the Google co-founder said. "...And within a year after that I want to have a broad consumer offering."

According to Brin, the Google Glass team has learned a lot from the public since the product was revealed in April. Providing the wearable computers to developers will continue to bring out new ideas for the product before the general public is able to purchase it.

"This explorer edition—we could just keep developing this in our own little corner of the universe and many companies would secretly develop it and say 'ta da, here it is world,'" Brin said. "Since we've showed it to the public in April, we've gotten so many great ideas and so much feedback, we found it so valuable. We want to take that to the next level by letting other people, who are dedicated and serious and willing to be on the cutting edge, letting them do their own experimentation learnings that can feedback to us and affect our future designs and software."

Brin has been pleased by developer feedback, which he said has eased his concern about how the product will be received.

A prototype of Google Glass can be purchased by developers at the I/O conference for $1,500. When the project was first revealed in April, Google claimed it would have the device out later this year for $600.

Source: Bloomberg Television

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