Google Music to finally launch next week?

Today is 11.11.11. So naturally Google decided today was the best day to send out invites to the press inviting them to an event with the tag line, "These go to eleven." Yes, the most famous quote from the mockumentary This is Spinal Tab is being used to introduce an event that will actually be held a few days later: Wednesday, November 18. The Verge reports that the announcement is most likely in reference to the long awaited Google Music download service.

Google had previously announced an Internet music service a few months ago, but that service was based on a streaming model. More importantly, Google did not have any agreements with with the major music publishers when Music Beta was launched. Since then, rumors have popped up that the company has been in negotiations with those same music publishers in order to launch its iTunes-like download service.

Google's entry into the music business does kind of feel like a "too little, too late" proposition, considering Apple, Microsoft, and Spotify have all made large dents in the market. One rumor claims that Google's big twist in its music project is allowing user to share music with others for free but with some limits. Will that be enough to get a lot of people to try it out? Stay tuned as we will learn a lot more on Wednesday.

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