Google+ now has 25 million users, says report

The growth of Google's social networking service Google+ has apparently continued at a rapid pace. According to a story in Reuters, the Comscore service has claimed that Google+ now has 25 million users to its site as of July 24. Google first launched Google+ as an invite only service just over a month ago. The article claims that it took the Twitter web site 30 months to reach that 25 million user milestone while Facebook took three years to reach that number. Comscore claims that US residents take up 6 million of  Google+'s unique visitors, with India in second place with 3.6 million users.

Google+ is also gaining fans in the development community. In a recent survey of mobile software developers by Appcelerator, 68 percent of those developers who responded believe that Facebook can still lose out to Google+ in the social networking field. Those people believe that Google's vast resources, including its search services, its YouTube video technology and even its Google Maps division, can be integrated into Google+. Despite this interesting statistic, 83 percent of developers polls still plan to use Facebook, compared to 73 percent who will work on Twitter and 72 percent who will work on Google+.

The quick success of Google+ has taken many in the tech and social networking businesses by surprise. Officially Google won't confirm the 25 million visitor number from Comscore. The last official numbers from Google were released a few weeks ago during the company's quarterly financial result when Google said Google+ had over 10 million registered users.

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