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Google reveals their once-secret servers

Google is relatively quiet when it comes to the way it operates, but a recent conference on Wednesday has had the company reveal the data servers they use, and how they are put together. This may sound boring initially, but read on; Google certainly takes special care when it comes to data center efficiency.

CNet has reported this unveiling, as well as an interview with the creator of these servers. As you may know, many companies buy servers from others companies like Dell and HP, but Google designs and builds their own unique computers. So how exactly are these special? Firstly, each server has a 12-volt battery supply built into it, in case any power issues arise. Google has actually used this approach for years, and it's surprising that they have kept it a secret for so long. Secondly, these servers are damn efficient. By damn efficient, I mean 99.9% efficient; a rate which is not expected to be available to the general public until 2011. This efficiency greatly helps Google with the cost of running so many of these machines daily, which is vital on this day and age.

The servers run x86 processors, from both AMD and Intel, as well as motherboards from Gigabyte and two hard drives. Google also uses its battery approach on its network technology, also. Here's another interesting fact: these servers are built into modular containers, of standard 1AAA size, which contain 1,160 each. That piece of information shows why it's so important to have efficiency on your side.

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