Google unveils revolutionary new version of Maps for NES

It's a moment we've all feared: we need to get somewhere, but we need directions. We fire up the computer and the internet is down. You can't make it to Google Maps, so what do you do? Maybe you try your tablet. It's down too. In desperation, you pull your smartphone out - your carrier also happens to be down at the moment. There's a chance you have a GPS system in your car, but as luck would have it, that also happens to be down. Thankfully, Google knows what to do.

Say hello to Google Maps for NES. It's the service you know and love, but for your NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System might have released in 1985 but don't let that tell you you're out of luck. Far from it, actually. Now you can load up your maps and see where you need to go using the console which may (or may not) have defined a significant portion of your childhood gaming.

In a subtle parody of just about every classic RPG game ever released, Google has added the 'Quests' functionality'. Now you, or your RPG-addicted friends, can find their way around and live out the fantasy of being in Dragon Quest. Inside Google Maps there is now a third button, which will toggle reality and RPG-esque mapping. Make sure you keep an eye on other features made available in the coming days: Google is well known for saving their most revolutionary tools for April 1st...

Discussion is also ongoing among members of the Neowin forums, as they try to find Google's next releases coming over the next few days. While we cannot say what these may be, we can definitely say they will change your internet experience for the better.

Via Reddit

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