Google Wave spreading to 100,000 more users tomorrow

Google unveiled a new project of theirs back in may, which they gave the name 'Google Wave'. It was exciting for a lot of people who got to try it out early, as, though a pre-release (therefore bug-ridden) product, it had a lot of potential.

The company has polished it up a lot since then, and is now ready to extend its testing to 100,000 more users, according to the Google Blog. The invites will be going out tomorrow, September 30, to the following groups of people, as Google mentioned:

  • Developers who have been active in the developer preview [which Google] started back in June
  • The first users who signed up and offered to give feedback on
  • Select customers of Google Apps
In addition to this, Google will be asking those who are already using the service to nominate some of their friends who should be invited; Google Wave is aimed at communicating with those you know, so that'll make it a better experience for testers. Of course, Google Wave isn't quite ready for full public usage yet, as Google stated, "There are also still key features of Google Wave that we have yet to fully implement. For example, you can't yet remove a participant from a wave or define groups of users, draft mode is still missing and you can't configure the permissions of users on a wave. We'll be rolling out these and other features as soon as they are ready — over the next few months."

The Google Apps users to be invited will most likely be around the Sydney area, according to TechCrunch, as that's where the project is being developed, and the company would like to work closely with those using it. It's good to see Google progressing nicely on the project, and soon enough they may extend the invites even further. If you signed up to try it out early but didn't make it in, keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow.

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