Google working to protect families using YouTube

Google has announced five key areas where it is going to make refinements in order to make sure that content delivered through its YouTube platform is more appropriate for children and families as a whole. The company has also scaled up resources to monitor, review and make decisions with regards to its ads and content policies.

The measures include implementing a tougher application of its Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology, iremoving ads from inappropriate videos targeting families, blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors, offering guidance to those making family-friendly content will be given, and lastly, working with more experts to help identify content that may appear to be aimed at kids, but actually is better suited to adults. As a part of that mission, the number of Trusted Flaggers will be increased to tackle the problem.

The new measures are evidence that previous attempts to make content safer have had their flaws. However, as these new rules and measures are rolled out across the platform, only time will tell whether other issues arise.

Google has had a rough ride on the YouTube front in the past year or so. It has had to give advertisers more control over ad placement after ads appeared on extremist content. It has also altered search results so that fewer people stumble across conspiracy theories about mass shootings. And it has implemented a policy change in order to ban videos that teach viewers how to modify firearms in order to have a bump stock.

Source: YouTube

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