Google's fun new Android ads land online

Google's new Android ad campaign has started airing on US television under the tagline "be together. not the same."

Android L and new Nexus devices are expected to be launched soon and Google has already started a new ad campaign to increase awareness about its operating system with a new ad campaign. There is some speculation that the device shown in the first ad is the upcoming Nexus 6 but it could be any generic Android device as well.

The main focus of these ads is the amount of variety that Android offers and is concluded with the "be together. not the same" tagline which may be a slight jab at iOS devices.

Although, there have been many ad campaigns from Android device manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC in the past, this is the first time that Google itself is promoting the platform and trying to create a fun image for the operating system.

Source: YouTube via Engadget

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