GTA3 Nude patch

Yep, someone finally did it, a nude patch for Grand Theft Auto III.

"In about 20 hours of hard work I succeded to crack the TXD-file format of GTA3 und to write a TXD2BMP converter. With this I could extract the textures of GTA3 and modify them. After this I patches them back. Of course it would be senseless of modifing something useless. No I've stripped the prostitutes in the redlight district. The result of 2 hours picture manipulatipon are now, that the prostitues are topless. I've done it the same way the creators of GTA3 done it. I've used real photos to get the best and realistic result as possible. And it looks fine ;-) But more then topless isn't possible, so don't ask for it. It's because of the way the textures are used. The textures are used often on the body, because of this the prostitutes are the only which can by made nude. :-( A way out of this dilema would be I someone could edit the 3D-model and of the defined textures..."

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Download: GTA3 nude patch 1.01

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