Hacker's Message to Playboy's User

I found this at The Inquirer. Andre in Toronto, The Inquirer's reader recieve a message from hacker that hacked Playboy's site. Here goes the message..

dear user,

since the summer of 1998, a shady hacker group known as 'ingreslock 1524' have maintained full access to the playboy enterprises inc. (pei) corporate network.

even when the pei websites were defaced by BoW/H4G1S and were 'secured', we retained our full access (no, installing ssh doesn't make you secure).

we did have some very big plans to use the hundreds of thousands of customer details (names, addresses, order history & credit card information) harvested to automatically purchase hundreds of different products from different online companies (amazon, barnesandnoble, qvc, yahoo, even playboy) to be sent to each playboy customer, thus resulting in over 10 million dollars worth of fraud claims being made to credit card and in turn, insurance companies globally.

incase you think this is some kind of hoax, we have included your personal details

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