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Hackintosh store opens in Europe

When Apple made the switch to Intel processors it opened up its software to potential piracy to non Apple branded machine. Fast forward to today and PearC has opened a store in Germany that is now selling hackintosh PC's with OSX 10.5 installed.

The company is doing exactly what Pystar has done in the US and the site says that it has found a legal loophole in the German law that should prevent Apple from taking it to court.

The site allows for a wide array of configurations including Steve Job's famous "bag of hurt" Blu-Ray. But as with any hackintosh, support of the PC is unknown as well as how updates will affect a purchased system.

"The standard configurations are the: Starter, Advanced and Professional. The Professional Version comes standard with Intels i7 Processor and allows upgrade to the 3.2Ghz Extreme Edition, as well as an Nvidia 9800GTX with 2GB of memory. While the starter and Advanced both offer dual cores as standard the Advanced has more configuration options allowing for Quad Core CPU's and high end graphics cards. the Professional Version is by far the most powerful of the Mac Clones released to date."

The stock prices for the systems are as follows:
Starter: 499 €
Advanced: 749 €
Professional: 1499 €

Will Apple be able to take down PearC? Only time will tell but if your in the market for a Hackintosh, you now have one more option.

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