Halo: MCC's upcoming server browser and cross-play systems detailed

343 Industries released its latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection development update blog post today, and it dove into several highly requested features and systems that will be implemented into the games in the future, such as cross-play, server browser, and region selection.

When cross-play between PC and Xbox players reaches the collection, it will be tied into input-based matchmaking. In order to not split the playerbase into three groups - keyboard and mouse, controller, and all inputs -, the studio will restrict multiple input methods in some game modes while allowing them in others.

Modes like Firefight or Infection will allow everyone to play together regardless of their platform or input-device, while more competitive playlists will restrict players into a single method of input. When matchmaking, the chosen input method will be locked in place to not allow changes on the fly.

Meanwhile, the custom game browser that's incoming will let players host Halo games and modes of any nature, and let others jump in by simply selecting the server instead of using matchmaking. Server region switching is an upcoming feature too, which will allow players to select and deselect regions they want to matchmake in. The selection screen will show the current average population and the player's ping to each server.

343 Industries also expanded on the recent two-week Insider testing session for Halo 3: ODST, where it saw over 2,000 issue tickets being submitted by the community. However, the flight had suffered from lower than average participation this time, and the studio once again urged interested players to register as a Halo Insider to test upcoming games and features.

The full development update post can be read here, which also goes into detail on the upcoming expanded customization options for Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and ODST, among other changes.

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