Hands on: Blio ebook reader software

Today, Neowin got an over view of the upcoming Blio ebook reader software. The application is unlike other ebook reader software in many ways and it showed during our private demonstration.

The platform, called Blio, was demonstrated on the Windows platform but we were told that it will be available on a wide variety of platforms including the iPhone, Mac, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. There will also be a Silverlight version for a web access to allow for greater flexibility.

The software, video below, offers a graphic rich environment which will help separate it out from the standalone devices like the Kindle or nook. Blio is betting the consumers would rather carry one device, like a laptop, and have their books on that device than carry another, separate, dedicated device.

A novel feature of Blio is that it can work across multiple platforms seamlessly. If you start reading a book on your laptop you can then continue reading on your iPhone and return to your laptop all without having to sync the devices. Blio is able to work from the cloud to make sure all your devices stay updated.

Among the many features that separates the Blio is the ability to embed videos or other flash content. This is especially useful for the academic environment that could integrate interactive applications to enhance learning. Readers also have the ability to highlight, copy and manipulate the text of the books to help enhance or remember a key section of the text.

Overall the software has promise as it allows for a graphic riche experience which will work well for children's books, academic publications or even cookbooks. Blio will come with 1 million free books at launch and there will be over 200,000 media rich premium content available for purchase too. Blio is expected to launch around February and should bring solid competition to the marketplace.

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