Heavy price cuts on iDevices for limited time at Walmart and Target

Want to grab a bargain? Walmart and Target both have incredibly attractive deals on their iPads that may encourage those who haven't yet purchased one to reconsider. Target's deal has already started, offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone 5s, 16GB iPad Air or iPad Mini. This offer runs through to next week (February 15)

Walmart has a slightly more attractive set of deals. The company is offering a straight price cut on the iPad 2, costing $299 - from now through to March 7th.  The only downside is this deal is in-store only.

Of course the tablet is 3 years old, and doesn't feature a super thin aluminium frame or retina display. However it is still judged as a premium device that offers the majority of the functionality that the newer models feature. If you don't mind an older model for a lower cost, this is most likely the best offer you're going to get this month.

In addition to this offer, Walmart are also willing to pay at least $100 credit for an iPad trade in (in store only at time of writing). As to how effective this deal is, we're not sure, as it would presumably require a working first generation one which could fetch more on eBay. 

Both retailers are offering pretty weighty discounts, and if your currently looking looking for a tablet, one these options may be your best bet. 

Source: ZDnet | Walmart deal image via Walmart

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