Here's what's fixed, improved, and still broken in Windows 10 for PCs build 16257

Today, Microsoft released its latest Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview, build 16257, to the Fast ring, alongside Windows 10 Mobile build 15237. It's the latest preview of the Fall Creators Update, which will likely be finalized next month.

But while we're getting closer every day, there were still a number of new features in the build. As always though, there's a long list of fixes, improvements, and known issues. Here are the general fixes and improvements in Windows 10 for PCs build 16257:

  • We fixed an issue where the battery flyout might have shown unexpected text for the % charged (specifically “%1!s!%2!s!% until fully charged”).

  • We’ve fixed an issue resulting in certain network setting being lost on upgrade and reverting to default. Specifically, static IP address configuration was reverted to DHCP, and networks marked private were reverted to public.

  • If you had installed Builds 16226-16237 and had found Storage Spaces to not be working, today’s build expands upon the fix in 16241 to remediate those PCs that had upgraded from the impacted build range and were still in a bad state. Thanks again to the Insiders that have helped us investigate this!

  • We fixed an issue where if you switched to a new tab and back in Microsoft Edge, Narrator would start reading from the top of the page again, rather than remember where you had been on the page.

  • We fixed an issue where right-clicking on a folder in File Explorer and saying Scan with Windows Defender wouldn’t work if the folder name contained #.

  • We fixed a rare issue where the Windows Search Service might get stuck on initialization after upgrade, resulting in File Explorer showing “Working on it…” infinitely when accessing certain folders.

  • We fixed an issue resulting in certain games such as Wargaming’s World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes appearing to hang/freeze shortly after launch when played on x86 PCs in recent flights.

  • We fixed an issue where some Insiders were not being offered builds higher than Build 16241.

These are the known issues:

  • Start, Action Center and notification toasts may at times have a background that is 100% transparent. A fix will be available in later flight – for now, if you encounter this issue, try ending ShellExperienceHost.exe via Task Manager or rebooting to resolve the issue.

  • We’re investigating reports where Action Center shows it has some number of notifications but when you click to open Action Center, there are no notifications shown.

  • We’re investigating reports that suggested apps are visible in Start despite the related setting being off. For now, if you encounter this please try toggling Settings > Personalization > Start > “Occasionally show suggestions in Start”.

  • Connecting to a VPN using a solution downloaded from the Windows Store may result in a system crash.

  • When installing or updating a Windows Store app, you may see error 80070057. As a workaround, you can get the latest app by uninstalling the older version of the app from your device and reinstall latest version from Store.

The company also announced a new Eye Tracking feature yesterday, which showed up in today's build. There were some known issues that have to do with that as well:

  • Eye tracking does not work well in direct sunlight. The device may require new calibration when moving to a location with different lighting conditions.

  • The launchpad partially blocks the Tobii UI during device calibration. To work around this, turn off Eye Control during calibration and turn it back on when you are done. You can also use touch or mouse to reposition the UI during calibration.

  • Sometimes shape-writing can get stuck on. You can fix this by dwelling at the shape-writing icon to turn it on and off again

  • Sometimes the reposition UI icon in the launchpad takes focus after exiting text-to-speech

As always, we recommend being aware of the known issues before installing a new build from the Fast ring, so you can weigh the risk.

If you're on the Fast ring, you can get today's build by heading over to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates. If not, you can sign up by going to the Windows Insider Program tab and clicking 'Get started'.

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