HP TouchPad gets one final run at Best Buy

HP may no longer have any more of its HP TouchPads to sell, but it seems Best Buy has a few available. The electronics retailer has announced that it will offer the 32 GB version of the failed webOS-branded tablet for its "fire sale" price of $149. Online sale begin on November 1 with in-store sales starting November 1.

However, before you go rushing over to the nearest Best Buy store or go to the company's web site there's a rather big catch to this deal. HP will sell you the TouchPad for that price, but only if you purchase an HP or Compaq desktop, notebook or all-in-one PC along with it.

This decision is certain to anger a number of people who have waited for the promised chance to purchase the TouchPad by itself. HP said back in August it was going to make one final batch of the tablets in order to meet the unexpected demand after HP choose to lower the price down by as much as 75 percent from its original price.

It's more than likely that people who want to get a new HP PC may not want to pay an extra $149 to get the discontinued and now unsupported TouchPad. It's also likely that people who would really like to get the tablet don't want to spend any extra money to get another PC. So this whole situation is something of a Catch-22. HP and Best Buy are forcing people to buy a product they may not want to get the product they do want. We don't know why HP just doesn't sell off the remaining TouchPads as is.

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