HTC rumored to release LTE Windows Phone in February

A new rumor has surfaced that states HTC will release a new Windows Phone in February that supports LTE, according to BGR. The device is said to sport a 4.7in screen and AT&T's LTE bands which would mark the first LTE based device for the platform, if the information holds true. 

The information is said to have come from a trusted source but until HTC announces the device itself, take it with a grain of salt. The rumor is relatively detailed by saying that the device is expected to land on February 5. 

If this holds true, the device may be similar to the HTC Titan but with the addition of LTE. If so, it would most certainly be a premium device for HTC considering the size of the display and the 4G connectivity.

We expect there to be many announcements at CES when it comes Windows Phone. CES brings a lot of attention to the technology sector and you can expect that vendors will be dishing out their upcoming products for their 15 minutes of fame. 


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