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IBM Announces z9 Business Class Mainframe

On Thursday IBM introduced a smaller scale version of its z9 series of mainframe computers. Targeted at smaller companies that could benefit from mainframe power, yet not having millions to invest in larger scale systems, the new z9 Business Class servers are capable of handling the same tasks as their larger z9 Enterprise Class counterparts, such as data encryption and transaction processing, but at a fraction of the cost. z9 Enterprise Class mainframe systems, designed for use in banks, government agencies and other high volume organizations, start at $1 million and up, while the new z9 Business Class mainframes have a starting price of $100 thousand.

Along with the announcement of the new z9 Business Class mainframe, IBM also announced that it will open a new System z development lab in Shanghai, China. The lab will develop and test new software for the z9 platform, which with the help of IBM developers and engineers, has played a large role in the modernization of Chinas' corporate and government infrastructures. IBM expects large growth in China as over 8 million small and medium sized companies emerge into the growing global market.

News source: IBM

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