IE and Nokia Music team up for a social music experience

Over the past few years, we have seen many startups and corporations try to find the right mix between social sharing and music playlist creation. Taking a stab at this genre this time around is the Nokia and Internet Explorer teams, but their killer feature is the simplicity of the platform rather than a massive feature-set that is cumbersome to explore. 

Nokia Music and the IE team have created what they call a 'companion web experience' and it works on any device with a web browser that supports HTML5. Here's the breakdown, you launch the service on your Xbox's IE browser and you then select three artists to get your music started. A QR code is then displayed in the bottom right corner that anyone with a smartphone can scan and then vote on the next track and help create the music playlist for the party.

The music service is powered by Nokia Music and is free for the month of July. There is no word on what happens after July and it's up to Nokia to either keep the service up and running or let the service fade into history; only time will tell. 

You can access the 'Mix Party' service on any device that supports HTML5, as the web page is coded to industry standards but makes the most sense to view the page on your Xbox 360. Why does this make the most sense? Well, generally speaking, the Xbox is in the living-room and is connected to a home stereo, and your TV is highly visible allowing your guests access to scan the QR code to engage in the experience. The Xbox has always been a social device and this 'Mix Party' service once again makes it the center of the music conversation.

The IE team is highly excited about this project as it is a 'companion web experience' that they hope will be the start of the conversation for many web developers. With modern browsers in our pockets and Xboxes in our living rooms, the possibilities are endless. 

Ready to get started? Hit the source link below and enjoy the free streaming music.

Source: Mix Party | More Info: Microsoft

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