IE8 and Trustworthy Browsing

This blog post frames our approach in IE8 for delivering trustworthy browsing. The topic is complicated enough that some context and even history (before we go into any particular feature) is important, and so some readers may find this post a bit basic as it's written for a wide audience. In previous posts here, we've written about IE8 for developers: the work in standards support, developer tools, script performance, and more. In future posts, we'll write about IE8 for end-users (beyond the benefits of improved performance, activities, and Web Slices). This post starts a series about trustworthy browsing, a topic important for developers and end-users and everyone on the web. By setting the context and motivation with this post, the next posts that dive into the details of IE8 will build on this foundation.

Trustworthy refers to one of our overall goals: provide the most secure and most reliable browser that respects user choice and keeps users in control of their machine and their information. For reference, Microsoft's framework for Trustworthy Computing in general spans four areas: security, privacy, reliability, and business practices.

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