Impulse Exceeds One Million Customers

Stardock announced that its digital download platform, Impulse has exceeded one million customers since its launch last summer. Impulse enables users to purchase and download PC software including games, utilities and applications. The nine-month-old Impulse platform now boasts games from THQ, 2KGames, Atari, Capcom, Dreamcatcher, Epic, Paradox as well as numerous new applications, utilities, anti-virus and more. Stardock announced earlier this month that the millionth user would win a custom-built $4,000 PC gaming rig and has awarded James from Bloomington, Illinois who purchased Sacred 2: Fallen Angel last week. 

"Impulse quick growth is a sign that PC gaming is alive and robust as ever," said Stardock CEO and President Brad Wardell. "We are constantly striving to make Impulse the most efficient and convenient digital download platform for consumers and the best option for publishers to be able to harness the important back-end technology to protect their IP."Â 
Impulse is set to get a major update on April 7 with the release Impulse Reactor, a development platform that includes in-game community features, multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, cloud multiplayer, and vendor neutral IP protection in the form of Game Object Obfuscation (Goo).

Impulse Reactor does not require publishers to change any code in their software to make use of Goo or include a third-party client with their title. This allows publishers to have a single executable to be sold at retail or digitally that is vendor neutral. The third major update to Impulse also includes features such as Impulse Anywhere (ability to download your title from a web page on one PC and then install on your home PC.)

Gas Powered Games' new real-time strategy game / RPG Demigod will showcase the new Impulse Reactor features on April 14.

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