inFamous to arrive with Uncharted 2 Multi-player beta

Earlier this week Sony announced that it would be announcing something "Electrifying" this coming Monday the 27th that involves both inFamous and Uncharted 2, both Playstation 3 exclusives.

Thanks to a picture taken by a Best Buy store employee that was sent to some gaming sites, the announcement seems to have hit the internet before it was to be revealed.

inFamous, a Sony exclusive, is aimed to be released at the end of may will come with a code if pre-ordered that will allow you access to a demo before it hits the mass market and also a multi-player beta for Uncharted 2: Among thieves.

Previously it was unconfirmed if Uncharted 2 would have a co-op or a death match style multi-player mode, but this news has answered that lingering question.

This tactic has been used more recently by Microsoft and the game Crackdown that came with a code to play an early version of Halo 3 before it was released, and is also reminiscent of such titles like Zone of the Enders which came with a demo of Metal Gear Solid 2.
The use of extras like demo's or previews of bigger and more popular games to be released helps to get gamers to buy what is usually a new IP like inFamous or Crackdown and gives it an overall boost to sales after release.

Not much else is known currently as the announcement hasn't come from Sony officially yet, which is hoped to come with more details and some information on what regions this offer is going to include.

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