Intel Canterwood mobo appears on Web

THE FIRST SIGHTING of a Canterwood-based Intel motherboard which will support the Prescott processor and have an 800MHz system bus has leaked on to the world wide web. The board, the PS88-EA, will support 800MHz, 533MHz and 400MHz front side bus, uses the Intel Canterwood chipset which has the 82875P memory controller hub (MCH) and the 82801EB IO controller hub – the ICH5.

And it will support, as reported here last year, DDR 400 with "turbo" mode as well as older memory technologies. The system memory is dual channel, with each supporting two DIMM sockets, and it uses the Award BIOS.

There are many more details on this page. A sharp eyed member of Ace's Forum spotted this significant leak.

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News source: The inq.

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